At TheraMove & Diagnostics LLC, we are committed to delivering the best possible care to our patients to raise their overall quality of life. Whether it is pain, regaining lost function or general conditioning, we strive to provide excellent care from the initial level.


TheraMove & Diagnostics LLC believes that an accurate diagnosis is the commencement point in the route to accurate treatment of the patient. Our team of therapists prides in using State-of-the-art equipment for faultless diagnosis and subsequent formulation of individualized plans of care. We walk you through the entire path of recovery to reach your destination of a healthy body and soul.


  • Our clinic abides and follows the principles of “code of ethics” formulated by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).
  • We strive to provide the best available care following the accurate diagnosis of the condition.
  • Our therapists take into account your goals and incorporate them while designing individualized plan of care.
  • We treat all patients equally regardless of race, color, gender preferences.
  • Every patient will feel at home when participating in their road to recovery in a clean and optimistic environment created by our therapists.

Why People Trust Us

Family Like Care

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Diagnostic test performed by a HODS Approved Center

Our Team

Meet the Awesome TheraMove Team !!!

Kalpanik Choksi, MS, PT, CAFS
Physical Therapist



Dr. Vihang Dave, PT, DPT, LSVT-Big, MCMT
Physical Therapist



Dr. Neelu Bahel, PT, DPT, MCMT, RYT
Physical Therapist



Success Stories

Hi my name is Trina, I started therapy at Theramove with Dr. Nick and Dr. Dav on August 30, 2021. I was in so much pain before receiving the excellent treatment while attending Theramove.

Trina Parker

TheraMove & Diagnostics Physical Therapy clinic is the BEST! I went from not being able to walk without cringing in pain with each step that I took to being physically active with minimum limitations.

Jackie Belle

I highly recommend TheraMove & Diagnostic LLC. Dr Vihang Dave. For those who are in severe pain or have not found satisfactory results in healing, must make an appointment with Dr Vihang Dave.

Erikah James

Dr. Dave was so good. He helped me showed me exercises to do. His bed side manner was excellent. I would highly recommend him. I guarantee you, you'll feel 100% better!!

Mona Wilson

My wife had a full knee replacement 8 months but was still in pain and having a stiff knee on top. She is now able to go out on short walks and doing her exercise at home

Chandra Nigam

7 months I was suffering from knee pain, I had been to several specialist with no prevail, until I came across Dr. Dave at TheraMove & Diagnostic..it the best thing I could have done. I am walking up and down steps with no problem..I

Tonya Swift

Best choice to relieve your pain in city. Dr Nick and Dr Dave are so helpful and they have spectacular methods of treating the pain to avoid surgery. Best place with best services!!!

Manish Jangid